Why You Need Us  

Our founder collapsed at Phoenix airport during a flight transfer on his way to Los Angeles. It took 7 hours for his family to be notified. Had there been a global emergency contact system, 7 hours could have been 7 minutes or even less.

Could this happen to you or someone you love? Absolutely. You just never know when.

InEmergencies.com helps eliminate the phone call from the hospital saying they have had your loved one there for hours, or days, or even longer.


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the only true global Emergency Contact System.

Someone arrives at a hospital unconscious after a motorcycle accident and remains that way for significant time. Staff goes through their pockets looking for identity and/or contact numbers. If they find something they'll go with it. If they don't... well, every now and then on the news you'll see them say "authorities are trying to determine the identity of this John Doe" followed by a description and a number to call if you think you might know the person.

Could you be that someone? Absolutely. An InEmergencies sticker on your motorcycle helmet not only contains your emergency contact information but can also hold valuable information like your medical history, medications and allergies!

A family member was evacuated from her office building due to a fire. It was all over the news. She was safe in the parking lot on her cell phone trying to contact her family and friends to let them know she was okay. As she was dialing out, incoming calls came pouring in. The stress, the confusion, the circumstance were overwhelming.

Had there been a global emergency contact system, within minutes she could have sent out one message that reached her entire family saying, "I'm alright". She could also have included a message, "please call anyone else you can think of that would want to know I am alright', allowing her more time to help her coworkers who were suffering from smoke inhalation.

InEmergencies allows you to reach all your contacts at one time, with one message. In the case of an emergency or a catastrophe, your contacts can be notified you are okay, sometimes before it hits the news channels.

InEmergencies is a system that works in your home, at work or on vacation. It is for you, your children, your business partner who travels, your spouse who commutes... It's for everyone.