Can I list more than one phone number for each contact in my profile?

Each contact will have a place for a cellphone number and email address. Landlines cannot receive text messages. 

Who will you contact first?

The system will automatically notify all of your emergency contacts at the same time.

How fast will you notify my contacts?

The system will send out emails and SMS text messages the second it is activated.

What if nobody responds?

We have researched people’s patterns. More people for example will look at an SMS text on their phone during dinner then answer their phone or check voice mail. It's always a good idea to have at least 3 contacts in the system.

Will my personal information be kept private and secure?

Yes, absolutely. All personal information on our system utilize the highest security measures available today. We fully understand your privacy demands and take every precaution to ensure your peace of mind.

What information will you give to my contacts about my emergency situation?

Your contacts will be notified who to call. Whether it be the first responder, the hospital or even your next door neighbor.

Who will you give my medical information to?

Your emergency contacts will determine if your medical information needs to be sent to emergency medical personnel such as EMS, paramedics, rescue responders, physicians and nurses. Nothing is sent automatically. 

What if I lose my ID card or other ID items?

Replacement of lost ID items will be replaced for a nominal fee. Just place an order through your membership area.

How do I update my emergency profile information?

Simply log in to your membership account at this web site and make changes any time. Your information will be updated immediately.

How many of my contacts will be notified?

The system will contact everyone in your list at the same time via SMS text and email.

Can I use the system to let my contacts know I am alright?

Yes. When you log into your profile, on your dashboard you will find an "I'm alright" section. When filling in the text box be sure to include any important information such as your location. This way, you can set their minds at ease.